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Performing for crowds pulsing to life at the sound of your beats, trekking to Vegas to hone your skills with the best record producers in the industry, producing tracks in a recording studio—this is the life most up-and-coming DJs only dream about. But for 11-year-old DJ Niel Mac, it’s a reality.

DJ Niel Mac may be young, but he’s earned his distinction by showcasing skills rivaling DJs twice his age. At age seven, Niel George McLellan discovered his passion for mixing while playing with iPhone DJ applications. But it wasn’t until he attended the Electronic Music Festival in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, that Niel fell in love with the art, the music, and the energy generated by the electronic dance music scene. With any newfound passion comes relentless drive, and after cultivating his talent with basic mixers and YouTube videos, DJ Niel Mac decided it was time to make a name for himself in the music industry.

Although Dj Niel Mac dreams big, he’s also just an average kid. He attends elementary school, plays lineman for his youth football team, rocks at video games, and enjoys spending time with his friends and family. But when the day is done, and the everyday kid is tucked in bed, Dj Niel Mac dreams of performing worldwide. He knows he has the opportunity of a lifetime, and he doesn’t take his talent lightly. Impelled by his love of performing and his ability to captivate audiences, DJ Niel Mac is bound to make all his dreams come true.

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Now mentored by the famed Las Vegas record producer DJ Dragon XL, DJ Niel Mac is receiving the technical training necessary to understand what mixes harmonically in both key and beat structure. But it’s more than that. His evolution involves learning about himself and his connection to his music as much as learning to create mixes and mash-ups that are both unique and appealing to critical and general audiences alike.

DJ Niel Mac is ambitious, but he doesn’t want to go it alone. Through his beats, he aims to take listeners on rhythmic journeys that span his appreciation for all types of music. From Afrojack, Frank Sinatra, and Kill the Noise to Cage the Elephant and Guns n’ Roses, DJ Niel Mac harnesses each genre to give his beats a voice like no other.


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62% of all youth consumers listen to EDM
12% of all teens buying power is spent on music
Youth ages 12-18 influence as much as half of all spending in the economy
The purchasing power of global teens tops $819 billion
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