With the emergence of EDM, the youth-music movement comes a wave of young and successful dance music producers. Niel Mac is one of the few talents who is rapidly working his way toward notoriety as an explosive DJ and performer while also drawing the spotlight as a unique and creative dance music producer who loves to create heavy hitting tracks that stun crowds and leave them talking far longer than imaginable.

Niel Mac’s not the average kid on the block … Being only 13 years old, he is currently recognized as one of the youngest and brightest stars across the world who’s quickly walking in the creative and performance footsteps of industry pioneers.

In addition to performing at Life In Color, The Backwoods Music Festival, The LaserCat Exhibition, for Red Bull and at venues like Senor Frogs in Cancun and Somewhere Loud in San Diego, Niel Mac also tours the country playing at gigs where he’s always turning heads and surprising crowds with his enthusiasm and performance mastery that keeps the dance floor packed till dawn.

After releasing his first original single Epiphany, Niel Mac immediately followed up with a blockbuster big house track, Turn Up The Bass featuring Hawkboy and his new solo club smash hit We Are One. Niel Mac continues to push the limits of dance music creativity by blowing away fans with constant original releases, collaborations and live performances.

He hopes through his production, that he can take his listeners on musical journeys that span his appreciation for all types of music. As a truly open format dance music artist, Niel Mac harnesses each genre to give his beats a voice like no other.

“There’s so much more that I want to do,” Niel Mac says. I love performing and producing dance music. “There’s no more incredible feeling than to use music as way to touch so many people in such an emotional way”.

“In a world of EDM DJ’s, I love being an open format artist”. “I think the most amazing part of my talent and what I work on so hard is to create musical transitions that totally blow people away”. I love taking people on that musical journey from Metallica to dubstep and back to hip hop….that’s something that I think really surprises people.

My passion is to continue to build credibility as both a performing artist and producer in this industry, focus on being true to myself and those who I perform for… Im totally committed whether performing for one or a thousand people to give it my absolute best and create an experience that leaves people talking.

I am really inspired for people whom I perform for. Beyond the critics are the people who listen to my music and have an opportunity to enjoy the results of my hard work and dedication. When the beat drops and people go crazy, I know I’ve achieved what I dream of every day.

Im equally inspired by the EDM artists today who have sacrificed their life, time away from friends and family, a normal lifestyle, and the uncertainties of success and recognition in this industry. It humbles me to know so many producers and DJs who overcame so many challenges on the path to their successful careers. This really guides me today as I travel these same roads at such a young age.

With the bright future of Electronic Dance Music come several young pioneers who’ll build the future of our youth’s music culture. One thing is certain: Niel Mac is most definitely becoming the shining star for the future of EDM.